I was searching for a new artistic medium seven years ago when I took a glass fusing class. As the liquid glass melted and fused into another sheet of liquid glass, I was mesmerized and knew that I had found a new medium. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and types of glass, utilizing a range of temperatures to achieve depth in a way that brings out glass’s captivating fluidity and detail.

Some of my pieces are fired multiple times to achieve depth, and enhance vibrant colors. Displaying different materials with glass such as wood, rock, and copper is also an exciting way to take glass to new levels. My inspirations range from the scenic, natural destinations to orcas and humpback whales, to rustic still-life charms of local wineries. 

My work is now showing at the Arts of Snohomish in Snohomish, WA and at Misty Mountain Furniture in Sand Point, Idaho. I have also exhibited at the Woodinville, WA Studio Tour, Peace Arch Festival in Blaine, WA and at the Crabfest in Port Angeles.


     **  If you see something you are interested in from the Website, please contact me as not all my work is listed on Etsy.